Todd Cooper

For our brother in Music!   Todd Cooper

I've been in a state of shock and going through a whirlwind of emotions ever since I received the text from Susan this morning about Todd's passing. It has made me think of so many friends and family that have gone before me. It also makes me think of the same to come in the future. Todd and I have been friends for over 21 years and have played together for about 20 in the Worx. He had a caring Soul for all he met and a Deep love for Susan. We laughed, argued, talked about so many things in life and when my Parents and Brother died, He was always the one who made sure I was OK. Todd's love of music matched his love for his friends and family....Endless. Maybe I didn't pray enough, maybe I didn't do enough....I just think our Creator wanted his caring Soul with him because he needed a good drummer...yeah who knows why we are taken away from life here on earth. Always seems unfair for friends, family loved ones to be jerked out of our lives....I do know that friends like Todd is what makes my life rich. It will be hard not have him here to carry on with.
I remember when Todd and Susan first got together as friends then as a couple in love with each other. They were always there for each other through life's struggles. Susan, you are Todd's angel from the time he fell in love with you and always will be. I believe that! Todd couldn't have had anyone better than you. You were there for him and everyone of his friends and family know and love you for being by his side in his final struggle in this life. You did great by him. Thank You for being there for our friend. 
I have seen kindness from a unbelievable amount of people who stepped up to help in in the benefits to raise money, show support and love. Todd and I talked about it with tears in his eyes. "I'm so overwhelmed" were he exact words. I want to thank of you all for the support and help and most of all your prayers. It's probably our only saving grace as humans that is real. We all have different beliefs, but when it comes to loving something...we are the same. 

So as I carry this pain in my heart as I have before many times in the loss of someone I loved or value as a true friend, I will never forget the ones who have left me in this world and I dread seeing the ones that will leave me in the future. Todd Cooper, I will miss you until we meet again and I do pray that it's true we will.

Ivan Stevan Prusak

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